Studio 2

Located in our annex building, Studio 2 offers both digital and analogue recording options. Providing a range of services, our flexible mid-range studio is capable of satisfying all your requirements at affordable prices.

The control room and spacious studio floor have all been acoustically designed to create a relaxed and comfortable environment, ensuring inspired performances. Studio 2 also includes recreational facilities.

Studio 2 Equipment

Condensers: Nueman U87i x 2
AKG C1000s x 5
Audio Technica AT4041 x 2
Sennheiser MK Series switchable capsule x 3 (40/ 60/ 80)
Crown PZM x 2
Dynamics: Sure SM 58 x 1
Beyer 201 x 3
Sennheiser MD 421 x 1
Sennheiser E 835 x 6
AKG D112
Electro-Voice ND 767a x 3

Microphone stands: Selection of Beyer Boom and Banquet Stands

Microphone Leads: Balanced XLR leads (various lengths)

Distribution Box: Dynachord 24 in 4 out

Multicores: Belden and Klotz way

Mixing Desks: Soundcraft Ghost 32/8/2

Patchbay: Berringer Ultra Patch Pro 48 Point x 4

Recording Hardware/ Software: MacIntosh Mac Pro 2 Intel Xeon 6 Core / Protools 11

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